[pokemon]SubwayBoss Ingo & Emmet’s faces are so scary with their gaping mouths, aren’t they?[Japanese Reaction]

It’s the male version of the slit-mouthed woman.

slit-mouthed woman = Famous Ghosts of Japan

I laughed at the weirdness of the second picture.
What is this pose?

This pose is the default at Subway.

I really like this pose.
It’s great to see a serious-looking SubwayBoss posing in a groove.

You still don’t know true fear……

Well, they were designed to look like clowns.

According to an interview with Nintendo game magazine “Nintendo Dream”, the design is based on the image of a clown. Also, the design of the coat is said to be based on the image of a railroad track.
Also, according to the official setting book released exclusively at Ikebukuro Animate in 2012, he has a very short hairstyle under his hat, like a shaved head or horned haircut (although he is still often depicted with his own hairstyle in fan art).

If you look at the whole picture, it looks like clowns with shoes.

I thought they had a rather creepy face, with no sense of inorganic or humanity.
That’s why I was surprised when I heard that she was very popular with the ladies.

Hex Maniac by Slit-Mouthed Woman is popular, too.

I know what you mean. I didn’t like him at first because he scared me.
But after playing games and watching anime, I started to like it.

Not only do they have big mouths, but their eyes are lifeless.

I think I like the lack of life in his eyes!
A lot of BW characters have no life in their eyes, or less highlights, but that’s what I like about them!

N and Raihan, who are very popular with girls, don’t have any highlights in their eyes.

Are they going to create a sandstorm in this damn small train?

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